Our primary business is training behavioral health workers who desire a Certified Addiction Counselor credential in the State of Colorado.  All our courses are approved by the Colorado Division of Behavioral Health and are offered either online, as hybrid models (online and live), or fully live.  All count toward the CAC credential or licensure. 

Online Courses

Each of our online courses is specifically approved by Colorado OBH for online delivery.  Our instructors are experienced online teachers.  Courses are time-limited, self-paced (with due dates for forum posts and assignments), instructor-led courses. Participants can expect to spend the same number of hours on the online course as they would in a live classroom.

Successfully completing an online course requires personal discipline and scheduling time each day for your coursework.

Online participants do not miss work or spend time or money on travel. Coursework can be done any time of the day as long as forums and assignments are posted when due. Assignments and forum postings count toward the pass/fail grade, and exams are taken online.

Training hours distribution is as follows:

1-day (7 hour) courses are offered over one week.

2-day (14 hour) courses are offered over two or three weeks.

3-day (21 hour) courses are offered over 3 weeks.

Hybrid Courses

We offer three hybrid courses:  Group Counseling Skills, Motivational Interviewing, and Clinical Supervision I.  Our instructors like this model very much, since students spend a week online with the didactic material, and show up for the live practice well prepared to get right to skills practice.  Students have been very pleased with the model as well.  Live practice is offered either as in-seat or live via teleconference.

Hybrid courses give 21 hours of training credit parsed in the following way:

7 hours over one week online

14 hours over two days live

Live Courses

Certain skills-based courses and advanced courses must be taught live.  Those courses are:

CAC Technician:

  • Addiction Counseling Skills - 3 days

CAC Specialist and Licensed Addiction Counselor:

  • Professional Ethics II  - 2 days
  • Advanced Motivational Interviewing - 2 days
  • Clinical Supervision II - 2 days

Live courses are taught in Grand Junction, Colorado Springs, or live via teleconference.


Any of our CAC courses may be taken for continuing competency credits.  Just let us know if you would like your certificate to notate continuing competency hours.

Contact Sandy McFall for further details, 970-263-7775, Sandy@7CedarsTraining.com