Course Registration and Payment


Registrations and Payment

All class registrations must be completed by clicking on the name of the class you want on the Course Registration page. This will take you to the login page, where you will login with your username and password, or create an account with a username and password.

If you are new, when your username and password are created our website will send you an e-mail from 7 Cedars Training Support. This often ends up in your junk or spam folder - look there if it does not show up immediately in your inbox. Click on the link and you will be confirmed into the Training Center.

Be sure you have a CERTS ID number.  Students will only get credit for CAC training in Colorado if in the CERTS database, which will produce a transcript for DORA when the student is ready to apply for a credential.  More information HERE.  The CERTS ID goes at the bottom of your Seven Cedars profile when you are setting up your account.


When you sign in with your username and password you will see our list of courses. Be sure you click on the class with the correct date you want. This will take you to a credit card payment portal. Be sure you enter the credit card information exactly as it appears on the billing as an incorrect address or zip will decline the transaction. You will not need an enrollment key. You can then enter your course and read the introductory materials, including the syllabus and instructions for joining the online orientation. 

If your agency is paying the fee, or you prefer to pay by check, call 970-263-7775 or send an e-mail to and we'll walk you through a slightly different registration process.

We are also a Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Workforce Center educational provider and again will be happy to provide additional information about accessing those services. Enrollment in a class is not complete until payment has been made in full or we've received notification your employer or another third party will pay.

Registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis.  We encourage early registration, as class sizes are limited, especially in the live courses.  If you are taking online courses, please be sure to read What You Need to Participate in an Online Class below.

You may register up through the second day after a class begins as long as you pay by credit card or have an authorized third party payor (like an employer).


Cancellations & Refunds


Choose your registrations carefully!  Only partial refunds are available on some courses. Students may cancel a class registration up to two weeks prior to the class start date, with the following refund options:


      • You may apply your full payment to another class, without penalty (note funds can be transferred to a different class only one time)
      • You may request a full refund by check, less a $25 processing fee plus the credit card fee (if applicable)
      • You may request a credit card refund, less a $25 processing fee
      • No refunds are available on the following low-enrollment live courses:
        • Addiction Counseling Skills
        • Motivational Interviewing
        • Advanced Motivational Interviewing
        • Group Counseling Skills
        • Clinical Supervision I
        • Clinical Supervision II


If you cancel within that two week limit refunds or funds transfers will not typically be available; however, if you have an extenuating circumstance, do reach out with an explanation and we will work to find a solution.



A number of courses have prerequisite requirements.  It is your responsibility to assure you have taken the necessary prerequisites prior to registering for a course.  Courses requiring prerequisites are:

  • Pharmacology II (Pharmacology I is the prerequisite)
  • Motivational Interviewing (Addiction Counseling Skills is the prerequisite, however ACS is not a prerequisite if you have a clinical Master's or Doctorate degree)
  • Group Counseling Skills (Addiction Counseling Skills is the prerequisite, however ACS is not a prerequisite if you have a clinical Master's or Doctorate degree)
  • Advanced Case Conceptualization (aka Clinical Assessment & Treatment Planning) (Case Conceptualization aka Client Record Management is the prerequisite)
  • Professional Ethics II (Professional Ethics I is the prerequisite, however PE1 is not a prerequisite if you have a clinical Master's or Doctorate degree)
  • Advanced Motivational Interviewing (Motivational Interviewing is the prerequisite)
  • Clinical Supervision II (prerequisites are Clinical Supervision I and Advanced Motivational Interviewing)

New Student Orientation Webinar

Those new to Seven Cedars will attend a one-time orientation webinar by GoTo Meeting. You will learn how to navigate the lessons, post to the forums, and turn in assignments. Students only need to attend one orientation, but are welcome to attend as many as they wish. You will receive a link to your webinar prior to your first class.

What You Need to Participate in an Online Class - Very Important!!

  • Microsoft Word.  Many of our courses use fillable Word documents and we cannot read Mac documents
  • An email address and the capacity to retrieve and send email
  • Access to a reliable computer and basic competency in using it (very old Mac computers tend not to work well in our environment)
  • High-speed internet connection using Google Chrome as your web browser.  Other browsers will not provide full functionality!
  • Basic proficiency in working in a web-based environment, such as opening links, using browser buttons, accessing files, cut and paste
  • Ability to open, modify, and save files
  • A bookmark to the 7 Cedars Training website for easy and quick access. (Save your username and password as these are required each time you enter the courses.)


Computer technical support cannot be provided by 7 Cedars Training, however we will answer questions about navigating the courses.