Course Management

Verification of Passing Courses

The State of Colorado uses an online transcript system called the Colorado Certification Education Reaquirements Tracking System (CERTS).  All students wishing to have Certified Addiction Counselor credit for their courses must have a CERTS ID#.  Instructions for obtaining a number can be found HERE.  Additional information about CERTS can be found HERE.

Certificates of completion are no longer issued.  DORA will use your CERTS transcript to verify classes when issuing credentials.  Classes taken before January 1, 2018 must be added to your CERTS transcript.  This is done by the Office of Behavioral Health and instructions for requesting this action are in the CERTS instructions in the paragraph above.

If you need to verify passing courses for a third party payor like the Workforce Centers, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, or your employer, you simply sign into your CERTS account and print out a copy of your transcript. 


If you are taking our courses for continuing education we can issue certificates of completion.  Just be sure to let us know this is your need prior to beginning class.


Requests for replacement certificates will be charged $10.00 per certificate and must include the name of the class, the dates when the class was taken, exact name used to enroll in that class, and reason for request for certificate replacement.  Payment can be made at the Duplicate Certificate link in the course listing after you sign in with your username and password.  You will find a link to the login page on our homepage.  Typically you won't need a replacement certificate for older classes because OBH will add those to your transcript at your request.


First, please contact your instructor if you are having problems with the class. 

If you cannot resolve your issue with the instructor, please contact us by e-mail and give specific detail along with a suggested solution for your difficulty. 


Other Issues

All other issues should be addressed with Sandy McFall, Director,, 970-263-7775.

Please note we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.